Wedding Day Coordinator Contract

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131 Burkholder Avenue Oak Hill, WV 25901 (304) 465-1269

Wedding Day Coordinator Contract Wedding Date : ______________________________________ Bride’s Name _____________________________

Groom’s Name __________________


Street Address _____________________________

Street Address _____________________________

City _________________________ State _____

City _________________________ State _____

Email Address _____________________________

Email Address _____________________________

Telephone ( ______ ) _______________________

Telephone ( ______ ) _______________________

Number of guests □ 0-50

□ 50-100

□ 150-200

□ 200-250

□ 250-300

□ 300+

Vendor Information Ceremony Location _______________________ Time _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Reception Location _______________________ Time _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Officiant _____ _______________________ Contact Info _______________________

Photography _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Ceremony Musicians _______________________ Contact Info _______________________

Florist ___________________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Bakery ___________________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Videography _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Caterer ___ _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

DJ or Band _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Tuxedo Rental _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Transportation _____________________________ Contact Info _______________________

_________________________________________ Contact Info _______________________

_________________________________________ Contact Info _______________________

Vendors my be added to this contract up to 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Coordinate-It requires copies of vendor contracts for all vendors listed above.

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131 Burkholder Avenue Oak Hill, WV 25901 (304) 465-1269

Wedding Day Coordinator Contract Services Provided ~ Preparation for your Wedding Day ~ • • • • • •

Initial consultation to explain the planning & coordination process Unlimited phone & email communication from date of contract Free rental of miscellaneous wedding items shown online Advice on how to personalize your wedding and how to stay within your budget Two weeks prior to the ceremony, all vendors listed on the contact will be contacted to verify details of their services Contact all vendors listed on the contract to finalize any monies due one week prior to the ceremony ~ Rehearsal ~

• •

Organize wedding rehearsal Develop & distribute Wedding Day Itinerary to be given to guests of the rehearsal ~ Wedding Day ~

• • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Unlimited hours of service on your wedding day Manage wedding vendors per your instructions – Coordinate-It will be available in person or by telephone during the entire wedding day to assist vendors with any problems or questions Manage wedding party Manage vendor & décor setup at ceremony & receptions sites Organize & distribute all person flowers to wedding party, family members & special guests Provide Bridal Emergency Kit – aspirin, energy bars, mints, sewing kit, etc. Facilitate the wedding ceremony o Check for any items necessary to properly conduct the ceremony o Oversee ushers & guest book attendants o Make sure that all members of the wedding party are looking picture perfect  Brush tuxes so that they are lint free  Check ladies gowns, bra straps & hair o Properly line up processional & cue musicians Place table names, place cards, favors, toasting glass & serving set per your instructions Bustle bride’s gown Coordinate entertainment and all announcements/events during reception Ensure payment of vendor tips & balances Return any personal or rented items to their owners Be prepared to meet any emergency situation that may arise

Please note any deletions by striking though the line. Please note any additions by writing them above.

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131 Burkholder Avenue Oak Hill, WV 25901 (304) 465-1269

Wedding Day Coordinator Contract Payment Policy Coordinate-It accepts cash, personal check, or Paypal. A personalized payment plan can be arranged. Generally there is a $100 down payment made at contract signing. This is a deposit to hold your date on the calendar. Payment of %75 of the contract amount is due two weeks prior to your wedding date. The final payment of the contract balance is due at the end of your wedding. Payment Amount The following contract amount includes travel expenses to the ceremony & reception locations listed on page 1 of this contract. This price may increase if the number of estimated guests increases by more than 10% of your estimate provided on page 1 of this document. The cost increase is $50 for ever 10% over your original estimated guest count. Contract Amount: $___________ Non-refundable Deposit


Due Date _____________________

75% Payment

Due Date _____________________

25% Payment

Due Date _____________________

Refund Policy Should the wedding be canceled or postponed, 100% of any money paid to Coordinate-It less the $100 deposit will be refunded within 60 days of written notice. Should Coordinate-It be unable to perform any of the specified tasks outlined on page 2 of this contract, 100% of the money paid to Coordinate-It less $100 will be refunded within 60 days of your wedding date. Display Rights Coordinate-It reserves the right to use photos from your event for promotion, display, advertisement, Internet, publication, etc. Attire Coordinate-It staff will dress in appropriate attire for your wedding be it a black-tie affair or an outdoor BBQ. Assistants Should your wedding require it, Coordinate-It will provide assistants in order to fulfill this contract. These assistants will abide by all terms of this contract. The decision to use assistants is at the sole digression of Coordinate-It. The cost of said assistants is included in your contract amount.

The undersigned have read, understood & agreed to the Coordinate-It policies and terms listed in this contract. The undersigned will have Coordinate-It as their official wedding day-of coordinator for their wedding which will take place ______________, 2007. Client _____________________________________________________________

Date __________________

Client _____________________________________________________________

Date __________________

_____ _____________________________________________________________ Accepted by Amanda McClellan, Coordinate-It Owner

Date __________________

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