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SHERWOOD FOREST GARDEN CLUB Membership Form March 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017 Overview The Sherwood Forest Garden Club was organized in March, 1952 and is one of Atlanta's oldest, continuous garden clubs. The Garden Club focuses on the following goals. • Celebrating our neighborhood's heritage. • Fostering a spirit of camaraderie among both current and previous neighbors as well as their friends and colleagues. • Sponsoring monthly events to learn from experts and each other about gardening and other related topics. • Providing support to our homebound neighbors. • Maintaining the beauty of Sherwood Forest by planting, maintaining and watering five of our neighborhood islands.

Garden Club Membership In order to join the Garden Club, you must complete the membership form on the reverse side and submit a payment of $25 to our Treasurer, Sharon Pauli. This fee is used to cover the cost of the monthly and annual events, the printing of the annual yearbook and to help support the ongoing maintenance of the Sherwood Forest Islands. As a member you are entitled to the following benefits: • Attendance at the monthly events which include both an expert speaker and a buffet meal in one of the lovely Sherwood Forest homes. • Invitation to the annual luncheon at the Ansley Golf Club. (An additional fee of $30 is required to attend.) • Participation in trips to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Beltline, Oakland Cemetery and Rhodes Hall. • Involvement and voting rights with respect to the future direction of the Sherwood Forest Garden Club. • Monthly email event reminders on electronic botanical stationery. • Access to the Sherwood Forest Garden Club Web site which maintains current and historical details with respect to the membership, programs and treasury information. (This is different from the Civic Association web site.) • Printed copy of the Sherwood Forest Garden Club Yearbook which includes a membership directory, event schedule, club by-laws, list of officers and other historical information.

To join the Sherwood Forest Garden Club, complete the form on the reverse side.

SHERWOOD FOREST GARDEN CLUB Membership Form March 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017 Dues Dues are $25 per household for one year (3/1/16 – 2/28/17) $______________ Optional contribution: +______________ Total $______________ Please check the box below if you can host/co-host an event. |__| I can host an event at my house or provide food or help with setup. Mail this form including a check payable to the Sherwood Forest Garden Club to the following address: Sharon Pauli, Treasurer 2573 Birchwood, Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30305 If you have any questions, contact Sharon Pauli at (404)841-2382. To be included in the printed year book, you must return your form by April 1, 2016.

Directory Information Complete the information below if your are a new member of the Garden Club or your information has changed since the last time that you submitted your dues. Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: _____ Zip Code: ____________ Home Phone: ________________________ Cell Phone: _______________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________ Birthday: Month ____ Day____

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