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websoftex software solution pvt . Ltd is a web based application a company from Bangalore, an authorized software service provider combined with the microfinance software, RD & FD software, loan software with high level of security ,websoftex software solution continue evolving and our developer constantly upgrade their skills to provide proper software solution for the people.
This are basic module ,and the information is used by the other module , the information will be giving by the employee himself after a few days of his appointment

Features of our software
Personal details with photo, qualification ,job information , salary information , memberships ,training courses ,emergency contacts & more
Employee self service
Updating personal information , view leave quota ,submit time sheets , perform daily punch in/out
Some important benefits of the microfinance software

. This software will reduce the work load of the company employees and HR of the company and staff also
. easy to install
. accurate salary reports
Microfinance software includes
Manage RD accounts ,manage FD account, manage saving account
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