Manheim Township School District

June 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: N/A
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Manheim  Township  School  District   PO  Box  5134,  Lancaster,  PA    17606   TechMedia  Department:  (717)  519-­‐1500  



Manheim  Township  School  District’s  “Guest”  Wireless  Network  Guidelines       The  following  School  Board  policies  govern  the  use  of  all  district  networks  and  personal   electronic  devices:   • Policy  237  -­‐  Electronic  Devices  -­‐   • Policy  815  -­‐  Acceptable  Computer  Equipment  and  Network  Use  -­‐     All  MTSD  students,  teachers,  and  staff  using  personal  devices  on  the  Guest  network  should   also  be  aware  of  the  following  guidelines:     • Make  sure  personal  devices  are  password  protected.   • The  use  of  personal  devices  by  students  in  a  classroom  is  allowed  only  with  the   teacher’s  permission.   • The  Internet  and  MTSD  web  servers  (website,  Sapphire,  webmail,  Moodle)  are   accessible  from  the  Guest  network.   • Building  servers,  network  printers,  etc.  are  not  accessible  from  the  Guest  network.   • Keep  your  operating  system  software  and  anti-­‐virus  software  up  to  date.  The   district  does  not  monitor  personal  devices  for  anti-­‐virus  software.   • Label  your  computer  and  power  cord  -­‐  self-­‐adhesive  address  labels  are  suggested.   • Bring  devices  to  school  fully  charged.  Charging  stations  are  not  available  in  schools.   • Keep  devices  locked  in  your  locker  or  in  your  possession  at  all  times.   • MTSD  is  not  liable  for  lost,  stolen,  or  damaged  electronic  devices.   • MTSD  is  not  responsible  for  erased  or  damaged  data,  files,  and  programs  on   electronic  devices.   • MTSD  will  not  provide  tech  support  (hardware  troubleshooting,  software  updates,   etc.)  for  personal  devices.   • In  accordance  with  the  federal  Children’s  Internet  Protection  Act,  all  Internet  traffic   is  filtered.   • Attempting  to  circumvent  district  security  can  lead  to  termination  of  network   privileges.     • Inappropriate  or  unlawful  use  of  technology  will  be  reported  to  the  proper   authorities.    

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