Kansas Real Estate Purchase Offer Form

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REAL ESTATE PURCHASE OFFER FORM FOR 1926 Metropolitan, Leavenworth, KS 66048

** All offers to be opened, and read aloud at Leavenworth City Hall Commission Room at 100 N. 5th St., Leavenworth, Kansas - 5:00pm on December 13th, 2010. My offer consists of the following: Name of Buyer(s):_____________________________________________________ Purchase Price: $________________________________ Earnest Money: $________________________________ Terms:

 Conventional


 VA

 Other/_____________________

Closing Date:__________________________________________________ Will you perform inspections of the property?  Yes  No If “Yes”, will you ask the Seller to fix any items determined to be repaired or replaced by the inspection?  Yes  No Is your offer subject to an appraisal?

 Yes

 No

Are you preapproved with a lending institution for the amount of your offer to purchase?  Yes  No If “Yes”, please attach a copy of the approval letter. If “No”, is this a Cash deal?  Yes  No Are there any other contingencies with your offer to purchase? If “Yes”, please provide:

 Yes  No

_____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________. BUYER(S):______________________________________ DATE:__________________ ______________________________________ DATE:__________________

 If you cannot attend the offer opening December 13, 2010 please present a “Sealed Offer” to Coldwell Banker Reilly & Sons, 608 Delaware, Leavenworth, KS attention Kathy Barry which will be opened in public on December 13, 2010.

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