Jiaxing Hengchuang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

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Jiaxing Hengchuang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of the beautiful Hangzhou Bay, only one hour away from Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou; since the establishment of the factory, it has many imported packaging equipment, from the reasonable procurement of paper to the finished product, all processes It can be done in the factory by itself, with strict quality control! The factory has a team with many years of experience and rich management experience; it is moving towards a new starting point, unity and development! Our factory mainly produces and undertakes all kinds of paper packaging, paper boxes, paper cards ;Corrugated boxes, cartons and other businesses, with high quality and low price to win every customer who comes! Our factory now cooperates with domestic large and medium-sized manufacturing companies and foreign trade companies to undertake the production of a series of packaging products, with a good reputation!
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