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Download Download The Hope Hospice Cardiac Program Includes: Cardiac Care...


The Hope Hospice Cardiac Program Includes: l

Bi-Weekly Skilled Nursing Visits: 1st month of service, an expertly trained Cardiac Care nurse will visit the patient 2 times a week to ensure patients symptoms are optimally managed


Cardiac Medications: Each Cardiac patient receives a Cardiac Comfort Kit upon admission for crisis management


Contingency Orders: Individualized orders to keep patients fluid neutral and to manage exacerbations


Medication Teaching & Planning: Personalized plan created by RN and family with a focus on medication appropriateness, effectiveness and compliance


Certified Nurses Aide: Visits: Cardiac patients receive a minimum of 3 visits a week to provide assistance with activities of daily living and provider caregiver relief


Class III and IV Cardiac patients median survival rate is 1 year or less

Dietary Counseling: Each patient will receive a dietary counseling session and needs assessment


Cardiac Disease in the United States costs more than $30 billion, with 60 percent associated with hospitalization

Innovation & Technology Tools: real time access to patient records to ensure continuity of care and assistance with using available smart technology for medication reminders as well as pain and vital sign tracking and monitoring


Medical Equipment & Incontinent Supplies: We provide all of the equipment and supplies needed to assist with patient care which are delivered to your home. These include hospital beds, oxygen, wheelchairs, shower chairs, incontinence and wound care supplies and nutritional supplements as suggested by our dietary counselor.


Respite Care: level of care available every month to caregivers when they need time to recharge. Hope will facilitate and cover the cost of placement of a loved one in one of our contracted partner facilities


RN On Call 24/7: Hospice MD and RN staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Holidays and Weekends for emergent needs


Patient & Family Empowerment & Support Plan: Individualized plan designed to ensure competence and confidence in managing Cardiac symptoms and caring for their loved ones at home


Patient Outcome & Vital Statistic Reports: weekly trend reports which include weight, vital signs and physical assessments provided upon request

Cardiac Care Program

Hope Hospice’s comprehensive Cardiac Care program significantly reduces cardiac crisis and risk of hospitalizations for our patients

80% of Americans say they want to die at home, only 20% do.

Only 4% of patients dying of Cardiac Disease get palliative care at end of life Average Out of Pocket Cost to the Cardiac patient is approximately $12,000.00 a year

Providing a loving embrace on a difficult journey for over 30 years

General Predictors of Hospice Eligibility

New York Heart Association (NYHA) Functional Classification

Prognostication of mortality rate for Cardiac Disease is difficult due to the unpredictable disease trajectory and symptom variability. The following guide can help in determining if Hospice may be right for your patient. • Class 4 Symptoms And 1 or more supporting factors below • Recent Cardiac Hospitalization (triples 1 year mortality) • Elevated BUN (defined by upper limit of normal) and/or creatinine > or = to 1.4mg/dl (120 umol/1) • Systolic blood pressure
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