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9 Week Review Biology Magnolia High School 2015

What is the cellular process shown below?


The BEST choice to complete this concept map! Animal Cell or Plant Cell?


What is the function of a channel protein?

Allow certain substances to enter or leave the cell

What characteristic is shared by all four cells?

Genetic material composed of DNA

Why is energy needed for active transport across the sodium-potassium pump?

Ions are moved against the concentration gradient.

More solute particles (salt molecules) are found inside the cell than outside. What best describes what will occur?

Water will move into the cell

What do lipids provide for cells?


What type of Biome is a Tundra? Very cold! The soil is permanently frozen a few feet underground. No trees. The vegetation is primary lichens and mosses.

A technician places red blood cells into 3 different solutions. Observation are recorded each minute for five minutes.

Why are the red blood cells in solution 1 changing size over the five minute period?

Solvent is entering the cells faster than it is leaving the cells.

What is lost to the environment at each of the trophic ecosystem?


levels of this

Look at the chart below! If Earth’s global temperature rises about 4⁰C over the next 100 - 150 years. Which biome would be most affected by the increase in temperature?


What is commensalism? • an association between two organisms in which one benefits and the other is not harmed

Example: Sea Barnacles on a whale!

What is Mutualism? • A relationship between two species in which both benefit from the association. This fungus live on plant roots and increase the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients!

Types of Relationship Relationship



A bird rides on the back of an elephant and eats the insects that are stirred up from the grass as the elephant walks! The elephant does not appear to be affected.


A tick feeds on the blood of a dog. The dog is harmed by the tick.


A humming bird feeds on the nectar of a flower and helps the flower with pollination.

Which of these correctly describes the relationship between the organisms? A: X: Mutualism; Y: Parasitism; Z: Commensalism B: X: Commensalism; Y: Parasitism; Z: Mutualism

This diagram represents the nitrogen cycle in a aquarium! What will help remove nitrates from the water and improve the natural cycle of nitrogen in Mrs. Zinks aquarium?


What is mimicry? • It helps animals fool their predators through their appearance. It protects them from predators.



What is parasitism? • A relationship between two species in which one benefits and harms the other. Itchy!!!

Fleas on a dog!

Does bacteria have a nucleus?


Does Bacteria have a cell wall?


Is Bacteria single-celled or is it multicellular?


Looking at this table, which organism is related to the taxonomic group of bacteria? Organism 1

Single-celled, nucleus, large vacuole

Organism 2

Single-celled, no nucleus, cell wall


Why is it important for animals in natural habitats to eat and disperse the seeds of plants and trees?

Seed dispersal allows plants to reach specific habitats that are favorable.

What is a phytoplankton bloom? • Very common in oceans! “Create Dead Zones”! • They occur when excess nutrients are introduced by pollution from fertilizers, sewage plants and the burning of fossil fuels.

–Rainfall increases freshwater runoff from terrestrial ecosystems. (This is part of the water cycle)

What affect does having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have on Earth? Carbon Dioxide is a green house gas that will increase the Earth’s average surface temperature!

What is another name for first-level consumer?


What is another name for Third-Level Consumer?


What is Competition?

Limited supply of at least one resource (such as food, water, and territory) that causes two or more species to compete for survival.

What is Primary Succession?

• Primary Succession begins where there is no soil. (example, volcanic lava flows) • Organisms must break down rock to form soil so that small annual plants can grow.

What can we assume about the availability of resources in an ecosystem based on this graph? Availability of Resources: Did not change? Relatively High? Relatively Low? Changed Over Time?

Changed Over Time

What is a predator-prey relationship?

• A predator is an organism that eats another organism. The prey is the organism which the predator eats.

Predator/Prey Relationship – What does the data show?

A. B. C. D.

The number of mice will continually increase over time The mice population obtains energy by consuming young plants The number of owls will continually decrease over time. The available number of mice influences the owl population.

Mice --------- Owls

What is another name for a producer?


Identify the consumer type in this food web!

What is a microorganism? • It is a microscopic organism such as bacterium, virus, or fungus. • They help recycle nutrients in the ecosystem.

What could cause a dramatic change in the diversity of species in an ecosystem? • A volcanic eruption

What is another name for SecondLevel Consumer?

Omnivore or a carnivore

37. Draw and label the following and label



38. Draw the following Enzymes lower the activation energy needed for a reaction to happen!

Without enzymes

with enzyme

39. If lactase is denatured the levels of what substance will increase?


Nucleic Acid=nitrogen and phosphate group!

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