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January 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: , Science, Environmental Science, Climate Change
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Objectives and structure of the workshop

Purpose • Transfer results of the recent vulnerability assessment • Answer the question: how could climate change affect national plans for fisheries and aquaculture? • Identify priority adaptations to reduce risks and capitalize on opportunities

Background documents

Background documents

National plans • Maximise economic benefits from tuna

• Provide fresh fish at low cost for a growing population • Create more livelihoods based on fisheries and aquaculture

The challenge for food security Vanuatu

Fish needed for good nutrition (35 kg per person per year)


What we will discuss Projected changes to atmospheric and oceanic conditions Ecosystems supporting fish

Fish stocks/aquaculture species

Implications for economic development, food security and livelihoods Adaptations and policies to reduce threats and capitalise on opportunities

Climate change scenarios Global emissions are tracking above A2 scenario

A2 (High)

B1 (Low)





Vulnerability framework • For effects of projected changes on fish habitats, fish stocks and aquaculture species

Likelihood and confidence

Probability that a projection will occur based on expert opinion

Scientific understanding in support of a conclusion

The programme – how we will work Session 2: Understanding projected changes to surface climate and the ocean


Observed and projected changes to surface climate


Observed and projected changes to the ocean


Breakout groups to discuss the ocean Part 1

Discussion points - breakout groups • What did you find most interesting about the talk? • Is there anything you did not understand clearly? • What connection can you see to your work or livelihood?

The programme – important task Day 2 COFFEE & TEA: 10h40 – 11h00 11h00

Working groups to identify priority adaptations

Enjoy the workshop!

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