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By Julia Morrow

What is a Hip Pointer? A contusion to the iliac crest. In this area it is easier to have an injury due to limited natural protection. (less fat)

The rectus femoris and the abdominal muscles are connected to the ilium. A Hip Pointer will abduct the muscle and part of the bone from the iliac crest forming the Hip Pointer.

How does this form? 

A Hip Pointer occurs mainly during contact sports like football and hockey. Due to a direct hit to the hip. They can also occur in noncontact sports like volleyball from diving on a wood floor.

Special Tests Muscle Tests  Knee extension  Hip Flexion  Hip Extension  Hip adduction  Hip abduction 

Effects of a Hip Pointer 

Bruising(if force is strong enough)

Immediate pain Possible swelling Any movement of trunk and extremities will result in pain and discomfort.

 

Possible Complications “Hematoma formation – Hip pointer refers to bruising of bone. However, bleeding into the adjacent soft tissues may occur. The resulting hematoma may increase and prolong pain related to the injury.”  “Myositis Ossificans – This is a soft tissue disorder related to trauma. Abnormal bone forms within soft tissue after trauma, which can lead to chronic pain and loss of flexibility.” 

Rehabilitation       

Bed rest Ice Compression Elevation Support (crutches) Ibprofen X-rays Medical ReEvaluation

Rehabilitation continued 

When pain decreases physical therapy is necessary to re-gain muscle and range of motion that was lost.

Surgery may be necessary.

Returning 

The athlete should wear protective padding when returning to play.

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