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Cardiovascular System 1. The c__________________ system includes the heart, blood vessels (arteries, capillaries and veins), and blood. It delivers materials (oxygen, white blood cells, glucose) to the body and carries waste products (carbon dioxide, lymph) away. It also helps the immune system.

Pathways of the Heart 1. Label the structures of the heart: Right Atrium, Left Atrium, Right Ventricle, Left Ventricle, Aorta, Inferior vena cava, superior vena cava, right pulmonary veins, left pulmonary veins, Left pulmonary artery, right pulmonary artery 2. Use arrows to show the pathway of blood through the heart. Use red for oxygen rich blood and blue for oxygen poor blood.

2. The Heart and its Pathways H_______

a four chambered hollow, muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body each time it beats. The two upper chambers are the a_______ and the pacemaker is located there. The lower chambers are the v___________.

Right A______

receives oxygen p____ blood from the veins in the body and pumps it to the right ventricle.

Right V_______

pumps oxygen poor blood to the lungs. Though the pulmonary arteries.

Left A_______

receives oxygen r_____ blood from the lungs and sends it to the left ventricle.

Left V_______

pumps oxygen _____ blood through the aortic artery and to the rest of the body.


(flaps of tissue) between the heart chambers that close after blood passes through to prevent backflow. Also found in veins.

3. Describe the flow of blood starting with the right atrium. Fill in the blanks: Right Atrium>>>>_____ ________>>>> Pulmonary _______>>>> Lungs

3. Blood Pressure Systolic (_________ pressure) Heart ___________ forcing blood into the arteries and blood vessels.

Diastolic (_________ pressure) Heart ___________ and fills with blood so there is less blood in blood vessels.

>>>>> _________ veins>>>> _______ _______>>>> Left Ventricle>>> >> _________ >>>> Smaller Arteries>>>> Capillaries >>>>> Smaller Veins >>>> Inferior and superior _______ ________ >>>>>> Right Atrium.

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