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LEASE RIDER A This rider is attached and an integral part of the Lease dated ________________, 20___ by and between _________________________________________ (LESSEE) and 550 St. Clair, Inc. (LESSOR) covering the premises at Unit ________, 550 St. Clair, Chicago, IL, 60611


The monthly rent shall be as follows: _______________, 20___-_____________, 20__: $_______.00 per month


Lessee shall pay as follows, upon execution of the Lease, the following: 1st Month’s Rent (__/__/__-__/__/__): $_________.00 to Weichert, Realtors – First Chicago Security Deposit:

$_________.00 to 550 St. Clair, Inc.

Credit Report Fee:

$ 50.00 to Weichert, Realtors – First Chicago



The second month’s rent will be due _____________________, 20___. 3. Lessor shall each have the right to terminate the Lease upon sixty (60) days prior written notice. 4. Lessor has the right to show the condominium unit to prospective buyers upon immediate notice to Lessee. 5. Lessee acknowledges that he or she has received a copy of the 550 St. Clair Condominium Rules & Regulations and Move-in Package and agrees to abide by the terms of these documents.

_____________________________________________ Lessee

__________________ Date

_____________________________________________ Lessee

__________________ Date

_____________________________________________ Lessor

__________________ Date

CHECKLIST OF DOCUMENTS The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of the following documents and items: ___

Executed Condominium Unit Apartment Lease


Lease Rider A


Lease Rider B


Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Summary


550 St. Clair Condominium Rules & Regulations and Move-in Package


Receipt for Security Deposit


Receipt for Rent


Keys (one of each): Common Area, Unit and Mail Box

__________________________________ Lessee

___________________ Date

__________________________________ Lessee

___________________ Date

No. _______________ RENTAL RECEIPT

Date: _________________, 20____

Lessee: __________________________________________ Property Address: Unit ________, 550 St. Clair, Chicago, IL 60611 Lessor: 550 St. Clair, Inc. Amount: $________________.00 For: ___ Security Deposit: $___________.00 ___1st Month’s Rent: $___________.00 ___Credit Report Fee: $ 50.00

Received By: ___________________________________ Lessor

Receipt Received By: _____________________________ Lessee

LEASE RIDER B This rider is attached and an integral part of the Lease dated _____________________________ by and between __________________________________ (LESSEE) and 550 St. Clair, Inc. (LESSOR) covering the premises at Unit _________, 550 St. Clair, Chicago, IL, 60611 GENERAL TERMS -Lease begins and ends at 12:00 noon on the dates of the Lease. All personal property must be removed and the apartment cleaned prior to Lease termination. -Rent is due and payable on the first of each month. Rent not received in our office will be assessed the late fee after the 5th. Monthly rent not received by the 5th of the month or hand delivered by the 5th of the month will be considered late. The rent will increase $10 for the first $500 plus 5% for the amount over $500. If Lessee fails to pay rent, the Lessor, after receiving a (5) day written notice may terminate rental agreement [MUN. CODE CH. 512-180]. -The security deposit SHALL NOT be used as the last month's rent. -Lessee acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Chicago Landlord/Tenant Ordinance Summary. -The Lessor is entitled to recover all court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees if any action arising (except eviction) from the application of this Ordinance [MUN. CODE CH. 5-12-180]. -Only the individual(s) listed on the application for Lease may reside in the apartment unless otherwise approved in writing by the Lessor. Any other individuals found to be occupying these premises throughout the entire term of this Lease, are hereby acknowledged by Lessee(s) to be civil trespassers and not a legal party to any eviction action initiated by Lessor, and the Sheriff of Cook County is so directed and will be released from any and all liability in the forcible eviction of all occupants of the premises under an order for possession entered only against named Lessee(s) herein by any court of appropriate jurisdiction. -All moving-in or out of the building must be done through the rear entrance. Failure to comply without prior approval from Landlord will result in the tenant forfeiting entire security deposit. -Please notify the owner/manager of your moving date. -No pets are allowed without written permission of the Lessor. -Lessor shall each have the right to terminate the Lease upon sixty (60) days prior written notice. -No stiletto heals will be worn in the apartment. (THEY CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO HARDWOOD FLOORS.) -Lessee shall furnish the Lessor with their telephone number 5 days of having a phone installed, getting a new number and Lessee also agrees to provide their email address. Lessee shall also immediately notify Lessor whenever a change of employment occurs. -The Lessee will not alter, replace or add additional locks or other equipment without prior approval by the Lessor. -NO DECORATING OF ANY TYPE WHATSOEVER IS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME DURING THE TERM OF THIS LEASE. Any decorating desired by the Lessee must be subject to the prior written consent of the Lessor. Decorating includes, but is not limited to, any wallpaper, paint or stain. If decorating is allowed, at the termination of this Lease, any wallpaper must be removed and all painted surfaces must be returned to their original condition and painted with a paint of a grade and type to be determined by Lessor at the expense of the Lessee. -Care will be taken to see that no furniture scratches any hardwood floors or carpeted surfaces. Rubber tips or cups will be placed under all furniture directly on the floor. Waterproof containers must be used for all plants placed on the floor. Damage to the floors or carpeting will be the responsibility of Lessee. HARDWOOD FLOOR REPAIRS CAN BE COSTLY. -No adhesive products (i e. cork, tile, towel hooks, mirrors) may be attached to any surface in the apartment. -No contact paper may be used on any surface; however, nonstick shelf paper may be used in drawers and on shelves. -Should Lessee lock himself out of his dwelling and be unable to gain access, Lessor may be called to let them in during REASONABLE HOURS. In such a case, a $50 fee will be charged at the time of service. Additionally, In the event of lost keys, a replacement charge of $50.00 per key will be charged. -The use of any cooking device involving fire on any back porch or stairs is strictly prohibited by Lessor as well as by Municipal Ordinance. -No flammable materials may be stored in the garage, under or on back porches or stairs, or in any other public areas of the building. -Christmas trees shall be taken in and out of the building wrapped in plastic or a sheet and taken up and down the rear stairs to avoid needles shedding on the public areas of the building; furthermore, Lessee shall be responsible for removing trees from the premises.

-Any plumbing repairs caused by Lessee’s negligence, such as putting paper towels, sanitary napkins, soap, toys, wash cloths, etc. down any fixture will be the responsibility of Lessee. NO TAMPONS, SANITARY NAPKINS or dental floss are to he flushed down the toilet. All repairs will be done by a plumber authorized by the Lessor. -Except for those windows which are noted in writing as being cracked or broken when the Lessee moved in, Lessee is responsible for all glass breakage in the apartment. -Lessee will be held responsible for any appliance damaged through misuse or neglect. -Lessor shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of the personal property of Lessee. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of the Lessee. Lessee agrees to carry Renters Insurance in sufficient amounts and FYI, Renters Insurance is reasonably priced. -Unless the dwelling unit has a rooftop deck, access to the roof shall be denied to all tenants and their agents. Lessee shall be responsible for any and all damage to roof stemming from Lessee’s unauthorized access to roof. -Lessee acknowledges that Lessor makes no representations as to the amount or sufficiency of the telephone or cable equipment within the apartment. Any changes, additions or modifications shall be performed at the Lessee's sole expense after first gaining Lessor's approval. -In tenant heated apartments (those apartments where the heat is not supplied by Lessor), Lessee agrees to maintain a minimum temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit from October 1 through May 15. In the event that Lessee fail to maintain such temperature and damage to the premises results from such inaction, then Lessee shall be responsible for any and all damages. -Lessee hereby agrees that parties or any other type of gatherings are strictly prohibited on any deck or balcony of the building at any time whatsoever during the term of this Lease without the prior written consent of Lessor. Decks and balconies include, but are not limited to, rear decks, rooftop decks, garage top decks, balconies or any other type of building appendage. Lessee further agree that no more than five persons are to occupy any deck or balcony at any one given time. Lessee agree to hold Lessor harmless and indemnify Lessor from any causes of action that may arise from Lessee’s misuse of building decks and balconies. -No dishwashers, washers, dryers or other major appliances may be installed by the Lessee without the written permission of the Lessor. -No musical instruments such as CD players, tape players, radios or TV's will be operated at any time on the premises in such a way as to disturb or annoy other occupants of the building. Please respect your neighbors. -The Lessor has the right to show the apartment to prospective renters upon immediate notice to Lessee. -The Lessee will be responsible for all costs to repair damage to appliances and/or fixtures caused by Lessee's negligence. -A charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be made to Lessee if on vacating the apartment, the smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector is missing or damaged in any way. The Lessee agrees to maintain a working battery in all detectors and to report any malfunctioning detector to Lessor. By signing this Lease, Lessee acknowledges receipt of both of these required safety detectors. -An additional payment of $50.00 will be due for every (NSF) Non-Sufficient Funds payment made for rent, in addition to the late charge. After the second returned check, all future rent payments must be paid by certified funds (cash, money order or cashier's check) and no personal checks will be accepted thereafter. -All garbage must be wrapped in plastic bags and taken down to the closed containers provided. -Lessee is responsible for the provision and direct payment to utility providers of the following utilities: gas, electricity, telephone and cable or satellite. -Lessee hereby agrees that they will not have satellite TV dishes installed on the property with out prior written approval by Lessor. -Lessee acknowledges that the following will constitute a breach of the Lease: a. Two or more complaints within a two-month period to management by other building tenants regarding Lessee's disturbance of the peace caused by music, parties, pedestrian traffic of visitors, altercations, etc.; b. Any incident caused by Lessee or guest which results in the police department being called to premises and filing of a complaint against Lessee or guest. CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND ILLEGAL NARCOTIC SUBSTANCES Lessee, any member of Lessee's household, visitors to or guest at Lessee's premises, will not engage in any criminal activity, including illegal narcotic substance criminal activity, on or near the premise, nor will they engage in any act intended to facilitate such criminal activity, nor permit the dwelling unit to be used for, or to facilitate criminal activity, nor engage in the manufacture, sale, use or distribution of illegal narcotic substance at any location, whether on the premises or otherwise, nor engage in acts of violence or threats of violence, including but not limited to, the unlawful discharge of a firearm, on or near premises. VIOLATION OF THE PROVISIONS IN THIS PARAGRAPH WILL BE A MATERIAL VIOLATION OF THE LEASE AND GOOD CAUSE FOR TERMINATION OF TENANCY. It is understood and agreed that a single violation will be a good cause for termination of the Lease.

Unless otherwise provided by law, proof of violation will not require criminal arrest or conviction, but will be by a preponderance of the evidence. SECURITY DEPOSIT AGREEMENT Lessor acknowledges receipt of the security deposit for above named premises. This deposit will be refunded in full within 45 days after the expiration of this Lease, if tenant has complied with the following provisions: -Absolutely no unauthorized deductions from rent. -The full term of the Lease has expired. -Tenant vacates the premises no later than noon on the Lease expiration date. Should tenant occupy the premises after Lease has expired, tenant will be charged a prorated amount per day accordingly based on 3 times the monthly rent as per landlord tenant ordinance. -The entire apartment, including stove, refrigerator, all appliances, cabinets, closets, bathroom(s), carpet, floors, windows, light fixtures, balcony, etc. are left clean. -No damage to the apartment other than that caused by normal wear and tear. -No gauges in the hardwood floors which would cause the need for refinishing. -No large holes or gauges in the walls, or the use of stickers or foam tape on the walls. -All trash and discarded items have been placed in approved trash containers. -Carpet has been professionally cleaned (if applicable). -All keys (including mailbox keys) have been returned. -Tenant owes no late charges or delinquent rent. -Tenant has left a forwarding address. -Tenant may not use the security deposit as rent at any time. -You must pay for any damage you or your guests cause. -There is no damage to HVAC caused by failure to change filter. If any of these provisions have not been met satisfactorily, tenant will be charged according to the following cost schedule: CLEANING, REPAIRING OR REPLACEMENT CHARGES If the items listed below have not been left in a clean and working condition, the following charges will be deducted from the security deposit, or must be paid to the owner if the security deposit is insufficient to cover the charges. These prices are based on minimum costs and may not cover the entire cost of cleaning or repairing of items. If the actual cost is higher, tenant will be responsible for paying the actual costs. This is not necessarily a complete list. Tenant is subject to cleaning or repairing charges in addition to those not appearing on this list. Appliances: Actual cost of repairs Patching large holes (1/4" to 2") $20.00 EACH Excessive painting and decorating costs (i.e. priming, double coating, removing wall covering) $50.00 per hour plus the cost of the materials. Miscellaneous repairs (i.e. door locks, cabinet pulls, light fixtures) $50.00 per hour plus costs of materials. Cleaning is charged at $30 an hour Burned out light bulbs (each) $10.00 Screens $50.00 Mini-blinds (each) $35.00 TENANT AGREES THAT THE COSTS AS SET OUT ABOVE ARE NOT UNREASONABLE CHARGES FOR THE WORK OR ITEMS DESCRIBED, AND AGREES TO PAY OWNER EITHER THE MINIMAL COST OR THE ACTUAL COST OF ALL SUCH WORK IF HIGHER THEN THE MINIMUM. Should the Lessee vacate premises with an open balance on the rental account an additional $100.00 will be charged and taken from the Security Deposit. ACKNOWLEDGMENT- Lessee hereby acknowledges that she has read this agreement, understands it, agrees to it, and has been given a copy.

_______________________________________ Lessee

______________________________________ Lessor

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