April 19, 2015 Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor

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April 19, 2015 Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor Rev. Jose Fernandez-Banqueses, Parochial Vicar Rev. Maynard Nagengast, OSB, and Rev. Bernard N. Mohan (Visiting Priests) Deacon Michael Keary

215 Crescent Pkwy, Sea Girt, NJ 08750 Phone 732-449-6364 Web www.stmarksseagirt.com



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Mass Intentions Monday, April 20 7:30 AM † Nelda Ragan † Michael Doolan Special Intention Lois Cullum 11:00 AM † McDermott Family † Marie Lynch † Don Healy

Tuesday, April 21

Pam Zusi and Family Jim and Mary Power CYO and Spanish Ministry Ertle and Sullivan Families Lynch Family Respect Life Faithful

St. Anselm

7:30 AM † Edith Knowles † Patricia Ferrelli † Alfonso Severino 11:00 AM † Colford and Riley Families † Arthur Thomas Brookes † Mary Birle

Starkey Family Friend Connie and Mark Duffy Ertle and Sullivan Families Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Randazzo, Jr. St. Mark's Parish Family

Wednesday, April 22 7:30 AM † Philip Caverly † Mary Birle † Edna Burke 11:00 AM † Regina Gangemi † Margaret Keough † Nelda Ragan

Thursday, April 23

Regenye and Caverly Families Peter Warshaw St. Mark's Parish Family Gloria Hamill John and Barbara McManus Cullum Family

St. George

7:30 AM † Carol Treger † Jean Hayes Special Intention Ray O'Meara 11:00 AM † Angela Virdo † Edith Milanesi † Mary Birle

Estate Francis Hayes Family Bertucci Family Florence Maclearie Eileen Linehan

Friday, April 24 7:30 AM † Josephine and Thomas Santella † William and Barbara Heindle 11:00 AM † Clare Jane Collins † Martin Brennan † Iosold Derrig

Saturday, April 25

St. Mark, Evangelist

7:30 AM † Joan Enright † John O'Connell People of St. Mark's Parish 4:30 PM † Joseph Cahill † James Hamill, Esquire Special Int. In Honor of the Blessed Mother

Sunday, April 26

Kathleen Santella Estate Family Flynn Family Mary Casey Thiessen

Estate Doug O'Connell Cahill Family Gloria Hamill Pat and Myles Gilsenan

Fourth Sunday of Easter

8:00 AM For the People of the Parish 10:00 AM † Theresa and Sal D'Amato † Peter Walsh Special Intention Bruce Latourette 12:00 PM † Micahel Zennario † George B. Cain † Eileen Abraham 5:00 PM Special Intention Gerardo Fierro † Juan Gonzalez Ramirez Special Intention Ava Arely Guerrero

Anna Nuzzi and Family Longo Family Diane R. Anthony Family Jean Cain Millie and Sally Abraham Family Children Family



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Breaking of the Bread by Joanne Gibson When a convert enters the Church, it is with a sense of wonder and joy that is hard to describe. Leading up to that 1st Holy Communion as an adult, most converts experience an almost painful fast from the Eucharist, especially for those who received communion at their former churches. Before seeking to enter the Church, many non-Catholics don’t comprehend the reason they may not receive but today’s Gospel reveals the answer: “He was known to them in the breaking of the bread.” Growing up as an Episcopalian, I knew the saints and the angels, even had a special devotion to our Blessed Mother. Whenever friends asked the difference between Anglican and Catholic beliefs, I would say Episcopalians were “Catholic Lite.” But the defining moment of my conversion came when St. Mark’s own pastor, Msgr. Carton, made the startling admission that he hoped he was ready to die to protect the Eucharist. With his words on my mind, I went back to the Episcopal church and approached a priest who had recently obtained his doctorate in theology. I asked him, “Do Episcopalians believe they are receiving the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus at communion or a symbolic representation?” His answer shocked me, “It’s whatever you believe.” This priest who had often spoke about the Scriptures with confident authority had just given an answer to a fundamental question that was beyond ambiguous. Communion can not be both real and unreal. Indeed it is the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist that is particularly bothersome to non-Catholics. That is why it is so important for us Catholics to be ready to defend it and using the Bible is the most effective way. Beginning with the multiplication of the loaves in John 6, Jesus says, “For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” Is He speaking metaphorically? Apparently His followers were

Third Sunday of Easter Acts 3:13-15, 17-19 Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, Psalms 4:2, 4, 7-9 Answer me when I call, my saving God. When troubles hem me in, set me free; take pity on me, hear my prayer. 1 John 2:1-5a He who says “I know him” but disobeys his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him. Luke 24:35-48 Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he was known to them in the breaking of the bread.

unsure because “then after some grumbling” among them, He clarified “I am the living bread that came down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.” Now they really started quarreling among themselves, saying, “How can this man give us [his] flesh to eat?” Knowing what they were thinking, He makes an emphatic statement, “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you do not have life within you” John 6:53. Note that the expression, “Amen, amen” (means “Truly, truly”) is used in the Gospels exclusively by Jesus and only to emphasize what He is about to say. Recorded just in John’s Gospel, Jesus says, “Amen, amen” a total of 25 times, including John 6:53. If you examine the other 24 verses in the light of His Passion and Resurrection, you can readily see that He is always speaking literally. Here are a few examples: To Nathanael in Galilee: 1:51–And He said to him, “Amen, amen,* I say to you, you will see the sky opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” To the Disciples after the Washing of the Feet: 13:21–When Jesus had thus spoken, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, “Amen, amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me.” To Simon Peter at the Last Supper: 13:38–“Amen, amen, I say to you, the cock will not crow, till you have denied me three times.” The Catholic doctrine of the Real Presence asserts that in the Holy Eucharist, Jesus is literally and wholly present—Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity—under the appearances of bread and wine. And that is as real as it ever gets!

What’s Inside? Readers Still Needed for 8 AM Mass ...................... 5 Help Needed to Restock Food Pantry .................... 5 Altar Rosary Society’s Spring Luncheon ................. 6

Regular Features ■ Liturgical Minister Schedule 4 ■ Pray for Military 4 ■ Prayers for Healing 5 ■ Week at a Glance 5 ■ Community Activities 7 ■ CYO News 7 Bulletin deadline: Monday at 2:00 PM (except before holidays)

Joanne Gibson, Editor Diana Zuna, Associate Editor Email submissions to: [email protected]



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Next Weekend’s Liturgical Minister Schedule April 25/26

Saturday 4:30 PM

Sunday 8:00 AM

Sunday 10:00 AM

Sunday 12:00 Noon

Sunday 5:00 PM


Glenn Skola John Kemper Anthony Granato Jerry Zoufaly Joe Walsh

Tom Hayes Bob O’Neill Patrick Ahern Leo Hurley

Richard Siderko Harry Dunne Ed Robinson Usher needed

James Revel Jim Mulvihill Brendan Heslin Usher needed

Bernarda Bautista Silvia Hernández María Tapia Leodegaria López


Tom Malloy

Bernie Ricciardi

Joseph Stillo

Nancy Schatzman

Filogonio García Julia Alvarado

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Lynn Jeliff Ken Jeliff Joan Murphy Sara Lynch

Rose Crimmins Dan Crimmins Pam Zusi Margaret Azzarella

Tara Malia Marianne Sheridan Kathy Kokes Mary Ann Hirsch

Nancy Schatzman Barbara Kane Barbara DeGroote Helen Hopkins

Francisca González Raúl Pérez Carlos Zuna

Altar Servers

Casey Campbell Tucker Farrell

Chloe Bird

Ellie Moonan

Aidan Laszlo Griffin Laszlo

Sally Tamayo Lesly Sánchez Brianna Alejandrez Christian González Lesley Lázaro

Cantors/ Choirs

Cynthia Louro Organ/cantor

Pam Pertgen Organ/cantor

Victoria Napolitano Kelly Embon Kelsey White Breath of Life Children’s Choir

Margaret Price Adult Traditional Choir

Néstor Román Espíritu de Vida

Barbara Kane and Carole Morris

Altar Ladies

Readings for the Week Monday: Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119:23-24, 26-27, 29-30; Jn 6:22-29 Tuesday: Acts 7:51 — 8:1a; Ps 31:3cd-4, 6, 7b, 8a, 17, 21ab; Jn 6:30-35 Wednesday: Acts 8:1b-8; Ps 66:1-3a, 4-7a; Jn 6:35-40 Thursday: Acts 8:26-40; Ps 66:8-9, 16-17, 20; Jn 6:44-51 Friday: Acts 9:1-20; Ps 117:1bc, 2; Jn 6:52-59 Saturday: 1 Pt 5:5b-14; Ps 89:2-3, 6-7, 16-17; Mk 16:15-20 Cover photos: Easter Egg Hunt at St. Mark’s by CYO Director, Mary Reilly. More images from Easter are on our website!

Please Pray for Our Military on Active Duty

Col. Thomas Crimmins, USAF, Cpl. Ian Michael Rivera, USMC, Staff Sgt. Carmen Maffucci, USAF, IS First Class Brian Maffucci, USCG, Lt. Nicholas Guariglia, USMC, Specialist (SPC) Colin P. Marvel, US Army, Lt. Commander Brenden Piccolo, USN, Major Sean P. Cox, USMC, Major Kevin Ward, US Army, Lt. Robert J. Bennett, USN Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to add a name or change a rank. If you do not have email, please call the Rectory at 732-449-6364 x100.

In Loving Remembrance We ask your prayers for our beloved parishioners, family members, and friends who have recently died, especially Edna Burke and Janet Holsey. Our parish family extends its sympathy and assurance of prayer to their family, friends, and to all those mourning the death of a loved one who died. May the Lord Jesus sustain them with His peace.

Upcoming Second Collection: On the weekend of April 25th/April 26th, the second collection is for Catholic Home Mission Appeal which strengthens the Catholic Church in the US, its territories and 87 Latin and Eastern Catholic dioceses. The funds go towards pastoral services such as evangelization and religious education. Last Weekend’s Collection




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Parish News and Upcoming Events This Fall Visit Two Miraculous Shrines Join Monsignors Sirianni & Gervasio on a trip to the

Miraculous Shrines of Fatima and Lourdes October 6th-17th For complete details, please join them for a meeƟng April 28th at 7:00 PM in St. Robert Bellarmine Parish Hall, Freehold, or contact Graycar Travel at 800-214-6723.

From the Bishop’s Desk It has been brought to the attention of the Diocese of Trenton that an organization called “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is operating in Pt. Pleasant and Brick Twp. This organization advertises “miracles” attributed to an alleged Capuchin Franciscan “Fr. David” and is soliciting money. This “Franciscan” claims to have the stigmata or wounds of Christ. This organization claims visions of and allocutions from the Blessed Mother Mary under various titles by its members. It also claims some connection to St. Padre Pio. The Superior of the Capuchin Franciscan Order in Rome has been contacted and has responded that no such stigmatist with the name “Fr. David” exists in his order. This organization has no official connection with the Roman Catholic Church nor has it ever received any official approval or recognition by the Holy See. The Diocese of Trenton only recently learned of its existence and operation and has never given its approval or recognition to “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate.” It has no relationship to or association with the Diocese of Trenton. Because it uses Roman Catholic vocabulary, images and elements of doctrine, “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” has caused confusion among some devout and well-intentioned members of the faithful. The Diocese of Trenton has received complaints of fraudulent activity and wishes to notify Roman Catholics that “Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate” is not an officially approved or recognized Roman Catholic organization. The complaints have been submitted to law enforcement officials in Ocean County.

Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M. Bishop of Trenton

Prayers for Healing Patrick Wypler Efraín Montoya Virginia Barnes Michael Sheridan Anne Fleming Enedina Marquez Richard McCarthy Maralyn McKeon George Lister This list of parishioners, relatives, and friends are in need of your prayers for healing. Please note that the pastor’s policy to ensure the consent of the person whose name appears here requires that only they or a family member may request a name be added to this list. Readers Still Needed for 8 AM Mass Thank you for all those who signed up to be Readers at weekend Masses! We sƟll need a few more volunteers for 8 AM Mass on Sunday. Readers rotate schedules and do not have to be available year round. Please contact Donna in the Rectory at 732-449-6364 ext. 100. Thank you!

Help Needed to Restock Food Pantry The Mercy Center food pantry is currently very short of the following food items: baked beans, canned potatoes, juice, canned fruit, Jello and cookies. These foods are a few of those included in the well-rounded list of foods given to each client of Mercy Center. The individuals and families who get help from Mercy Center can receive a 3-day supply once a month. Please help to fill in the shortages with your donations of all non-perishable foods. Since St. Mark’s is one of the major supporters of the food pantry, we’re asking all parishioners to add an item or two to your grocery lists to donate to the food collection. By doing this, we are helping to provide nourishment to needy people. Please place your items in the Mercy Center collection boxes at the entrances of St. Marks. Thank you!

This Week at a Glance Tuesday, April 21 Rediscover Catholicism discussion led by Msgr. Flynn will be held at 7 PM in the church basement. This month’s topic before the open discussion centers on how to read the Bible. Even if you have not been able to attend in the past, you are always welcome! Next Weekend, April 25/26 Saturday is St. Mark’s Feast Day! The intentions of all parishioners will be offered at the 7:30 AM Mass.



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Altar Rosary Society’s Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show

Wednesday, May 13th at 11:30 AM Lobster Shanty 81 Channel Dr. Pt. Pleasant Beach

Fashion Show

Raffle Prizes 50-50 Tables of 10

by J. McLaughlin of Spring Lake

Reservation form with check for $40 per person (cash bar) due by May 5th HNS Charity Golf Classic 2015 EVENT DATE: Monday, June 22nd @ 12:30 PM LOCATION: Colts Neck Golf Club, Flock Rd., Colts Neck St. Mark’s Holy Name Society is again sponsoring its annual charity golf classic at the Colts Neck Golf Club. We are asking you to participate this year as a player or as a sponsor, or, if you are not a golfer, by attending the dinner. The net proceeds of these Charity Golf Classics are donated to local worthy charities. Last year, thanks to the support of many sponsors like you, we had a terrific golf event! We raised more than $25,000, which was donated to 19 organizations in Monmouth and Ocean counties! So not just one charity benefits but many do! For details about this year’s golf classic, which we hope includes 3 hole-in-one cars, please pick up a flyer (see right) at the Church entrances. Thank you for supporting this wonderful event any way you can!

Look for this flyer to sign up as a player or a sponsor!



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CYO News by Mary Reilly, CYO Director

Sunday, May 3rd, from 7 PM to 8:30 PM (Rain date TBA) Meet at Pier Nine Golf Course at Belmar Marina (Hwy 35). Cost is $12 which includes golf, soda at restaurant, and choice of chicken fingers, mozzarella sƟcks or ice cream. Please bring exact amount! RSVP to me by April 25th with your food choice, at 732-685-6011 or [email protected] You will need to arrive at the golf course by 7 PM sharp and be picked up at the restaurant at 8:30 PM. Signed parental permission slip is required. God bless you, my CYO angels! Mrs. R.

Community Activities Spiritual Retreat for Those Suffering a Serious Illness

Respect Life Dinner at St. Anthony’s in Hightstown

GENNESARET, a retreat designed to provide a spiritual and temporal oasis for men and women suffering with a serious illness, will be held the weekend of May 1-3 at the Archdiocesan Retreat Center in Kearny. There is no cost to attendees for the retreat. For information, call 732-566-7237 or 908-654-5575.

The Diocese of Trenton is excited to host the Marriage Summit, a day filled with marriage-building tools and resources for all who educate, serve and minister to Catholic families. Join us on Friday, May 8th, for Praise and Worship, Keynote Presentations, 23 workshop sessions, and our host of exhibitors, or on Saturday, May 9th, when the entire program will be repeated.

St. Anthony of Padua, Hightstown, will host the 6th Annual Pro-Life Fundraiser next Saturday, April 25th, at 5:30 PM in the Church Hall (gym). The menu features Capuano’s baked ziti dinner with meatballs, salad, Italian bread, homemade desserts and coffee, tea and lemonade. The speaker is Patricia Staley, host of Catholic Matters on Domestic Church Radio. The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for children (5-12 years old), children under 5 years free, and $40 for families of 5 or more. All proceeds will go to benefit St. Anthony of Padua’s Respect Life group. For tickets, call Tom McGeachen at 609-448-8399 or send a check to Tony Humphreys, 24 Exeter Rd., East Windsor, NJ 08520. Checks should be made payable to St. Anthony of Padua and in the memo line write “Respect Life dinner.”

Discerning God’s Call?

Camp for Disadvantaged Local Youth

If you are a faithful, single, Roman Catholic man, between the ages of 18 and 40, and are either seriously discerning God’s call to the priesthood or are just seeking how God is asking you to serve Him, you are cordially invited to attend the Diocese of Trenton Vocation discernment meeting next Sunday, April 26th, from 4:00-6:00 PM at the Church of St. Benedict at 165 Bethany Road, Holmdel. Join Very Rev. Dan Swift as he shares in his ministry of the priesthood, followed by a great meal and fellowship. Register at [email protected] or by call 609-406-7449. Come discover an awesome way to serve the Lord and respond to His invitation!

You can brighten the summer for a local child. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd at Collier Youth Services in Wickatunk (Marlboro) ask your help in giving disadvantaged Monmouth County children a safe and fun summer at Kateri Day Camp. Camp costs include transportation, programs and activities, staff and two healthy meals each day. A donation of $40 covers one day of camp, $200 covers one week and $400 covers two weeks. Visit www.collieryouthservices.org for details.

Strengthening Marriage



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Iglesia de “San Marcos” Apostolado Hispano Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor Rev. Jose Fernandez-Banqueses, Vicario Parroquial [email protected] Teléfono: 732 449-6364 ext. 122 Misa Dominical: Domingo 5:00 PM

Horario de oficina en Español: Lunes, Martes & Miércoles 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Diana Zuna, Apostolado Hispano [email protected] Teléfono: 732 449-6364 ext. 100 Fax: 732 449-1646

CONFESIONES: Todos los domingos de 4:00 PM-4:45PM. También pueden llamar a la rectoría en caso de emergencia ext. 122. SACRAMENTO DEL BAUTISMO: Los padres de familia que deseen celebrar el sacramento del Bautismo. Para más información llamar a la oficina ext. 100. CLASES DE RELIGION: Se ofrecen clases de Religión todos los domingos antes y después de la Santa Eucaristía desde los grados: (Pre-k, K hasta el 8th grado). Para los adultos se ofrece RICA en Español. Las inscripciones se llevan a cabo cada año entre los meses Mayo a Septiembre. Para más información llamar a la oficina ext. 100. SACRAMENTO DEL MATRIMONIO: Las parejas que deseen celebrar el Sacramento del Matrimonio, Para más información llamar a la oficina ext. 100.

MINISTERIO DE MUSICA: Les invita a las personas que deseen cantar otocar cualquier instrumento musical, les invitamos a que se integren al coro en español de San Marcos, la persona Néstor Román. Vengan a cantar al Señor Jesús. CIRCULO DE ORACION: La Renovación Carismática en el Espíritu Santo “Al Encuentro con Jesús” te invita a que vengas a encontrarte con El Señor Jesús a través de oraciones y alabanzas, ven y gózate en la presencia del Señor, ahora con el Ministerio de Música Carismática: “Sembrando Esperanza.” Te esperamos todos los días viernes a las 6:30 PM. No faltes, Cristo te espera Salmo 150! Alabe al Señor todo ser que respire! TRANSPORTACION: Ofrecemos transportación a las personas que viven en Pt Pleasant, Brielle, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Bradley Beach & Belmar durante todo el año. Mandar un texto o llamar los domingos a Diana Zuna al 908-783-4221 antes de las 2:00 PM si necesitas este servicio.

Tercer Domingo de Pascua

Lecturas y Calendario para esta Semana

Primera Lectura: Hechos 3, 15-3-15. 17-19. Pedro dijo: “Han dado muerto al autor de la vida, pero Dios lo resucito de entre los muertos y de ello nosotros somos testigo”. Dios cumplió lo que anunciaron los profetas. Salmo Responsorial: Salmo 4, 2. 7. 9. Haz brillar sobre nosotros el resplandor de tu rostro. Segunda Lectura: 1 Juan 2, 1-5. Juan explicó a los creyentes que Jesucristo, el justo, es la víctima por los pecados del mundo. Una persona que no cumple sus mandatos no puede decir: “Yo lo conozco”. Evangelio: Lucas 24, 35-48. Jesús se apareció a los apóstoles y les dijo: “La paz esté con ustedes”. Después, el Señor les explicó lo que estaba escrito en la ley, los profetas y los salmos.

20 Lunes: La Santísima Virgen Dolorosa del Colegio (Ecuador). Hch 6:8-15; Sal 119 (118):23-24, 26-27, 29-30; Jn 6:22-29. 21 Martes: Hch 7:51 -8:1a; Sal 31 (30):3cd-4, 6, 7b, 8a, 17, 21ab; Jn 6:30-35. 22 Miércoles: Día de la Tierra y Día de los Administradores Profesionales. Hch 8:1b-8; Sal 66 (65): 1-3a, 4-7a; Jn 6:35-40. 23 Jueves: Hch 8:26-40; Sal 66 (65):8-9, 16-17, 20; Jn 6:44-51. 24 Viernes: Hch 9:1-20; Sal 117 (116):1bc, 2; Jn 6:52-59. 25 Sábado: Fiesta de san Marcos y Beato Pedro de Betancur (Guatemala). 1 Pe 5:5b-14; Sal 89 (88):2-3, 6-7, 16-17; Mc 16:15-20.

Presentación de las Ofrendas para Abril 19

Armando Núñez y familia

Dispensa de comida La Iglesia de San Denis en Manasquan les invita a todas sus familias y vecinos a utilizar la despensa de comida. Tendrán que tener una identificación, llenar una aplicación y vivir cerca de Manasquan. La dispensa estará abierta los martes: 1-3 PM y el 4th sábado de cada mes: 10 AM-12 PM Lugar: St. Denis Church, 90 Union Ave., Manasquan NJ. Para más información llamar al: 732-223-1383



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ENCUENTRO MATRIMONIAL de la Diócesis de Trenton Hace unos años en reuniones de vicario con los sacerdotes de los cuatro condados, identificamos al “matrimonio” como una de las prioridades diocesanas. Desde entonces, la Oficina de la Pastoral y Misión empezó a planificar un encuentro pastoral del matrimonio. El evento se llevará a cabo en la Universidad Georgian Court en Lakewood el viernes y sábado, 8 y 9 de mayo, 2015. Se repetirá el horario de viernes en ingles el sábado también. Habrá talleres en español el día sábado, 9 de mayo.

Este evento extraordinario será comprehensivo, para todos que trabajan en ministerios matrimoniales en las parroquias: sacerdotes, diáconos, coordinadores de preparación matrimonial y equipos de pre-Caná, directores de educación religiosa, profesores, catequistas, directores de la pastoral juvenil y otros ministros pastorales. El evento no está diseñado para ser un programa para nutrir a las parejas casadas sino para todas las personas que les acompañan a ellas. Haz clic aquí para leer más.

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